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My Approach

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I feel honored to work with adults through the most intricate and vulnerable parts of their lives. My therapy style has been described as warm, genuine, judgment-free, and often humorous. I work best with people who are ready to dive in and turn insight into lasting change. I'm here to sit with you through the hard stuff, and I know how difficult it can feel to share the deepest layers of your mind and heart. I don't take that lightly. One of my greatest joys is learning about others and helping them realize their worth and resilience. I have the best job in the world, and my goal is to deliver as much value to you as possible.

My most commonly used therapeutic modality is EMDR. I also integrate skills and techniques from CBT, attachment theory, and polyvagal theory, and am actively pursuing training in IFS. Click on each of these for more information.

A little about me—I'm a wife and mom who loves sipping tea, eating chocolate, listening to audiobooks, and going for walks. I love fulfilling the stereotype that therapists always wear cardigans.

I earned my bachelor's degrees from St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas in 2012. I then moved to Chicago, Illinois to complete a year of volunteer service with AmeriCorps. I continued working in the social services field, and in 2016 earned my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Kansas. Then I spent four years working as a therapist in community mental health in rural Oklahoma. Shortly after moving back to Kansas in 2021, I decided to start my private practice at the beginning of 2022!

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